• 1.What is the Affiliate ?

    The Affiliate earn top commissions by promoting and driving sales to Usofthair.com.
  • 2.Why You Need to Become an Affiliate?

    Usofthair.com offers the highest paying affiliate program for website builders. We give you all the tools you need to promote Usofthair.com so you can earn commissions fast. With Premium Plan conversions going through the roof, earning commissions has never been easier.
  • 3.How can I become an Affiliate?

    All you need to do is sign up.
  • 4.How much will I earn?

    You will earn 10% commission:The commission is calculated on a per-order basis, with each order receiving the flat rate commission.
  • 5.How to refer to my friends?

    First, register and get your personal link Then adding your personal link to your site, or by posting on your social media.
  • 6.How do I track my sales?

    You can see how many sales you've made by logging into your Affiliate Dashboard.
  • 7.When and how do I get paid?

    Once you have reached 3 eligible referrals that are pending payout, your commissions will be payable at the end of the next calendar month. You will need to send us an invoice in order to get paid. Please refer to our Affiliate Terms & Conditions for details.

Steps to apply for an affiliate program account

Dear friends, welcome to apply for Usofthair affiliate program

We use the famous affiliate program platform shareasale

Sale Commission Rate: 10.00%

Tracking Gap: 30 Days

How to register for affiliate program?

1)  Please provide me with the email address of your application account, and I will pre-approve your affiliate program account.

Your application will not be hindered, and the application will be activated immediately after the application is completed.

2)   Click on the link below to apply for an affiliate program account


registration process

1) Fill in the account password and country you need to register.

2) Website URL: Enter the link of your website, blog or social account, such as facebook

For the questions that need to be checked, you can choose according to the actual situation, or select NO for all

3) Key steps, enter the email you provided to me for pre-approval

4)  Fill in your address information and complete the registration. 

5) Fill in the payment method

6)  Agree to the agreement

7)  The account registration is complete.

8)  Log in to your mailbox, Signup Confirmation

9) Agree to join the Usofthair program

10) Get Usofthair link

10)  Finally, please bookmark shareasale link in bookmark.


How to make a commission link?

1)  Copy the product link of usofthair.com

2) Get the commission short link that is completed


How to use the bookmark tool to make a commission link?



2) ShareASale Product Discovery Tool drag the link onto your bookmarks bar


3) Open the product link page of usofthair.com and click the tool at the bookmark location

Click the screenshot location to get a short connection


The simple tutorial is over, thank you for watching it patiently, and look forward to our cooperation. thanks

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